The Supernationals was one of the best events I have ever attended, there was such a fantastic vibe to it! Friday tea time we had a bit of a thunder storm but that was the only bad weather we had. It was sunny saturday and sunday, we arrived friday afternoon and there were already loads camped up and rocking with a beer in there hands, I couldnt wait myself so as soon as we stopped where we were going to camp the beer came out! Then the tents went up! Jimmy Shine was there for this one and what a fantastic bloke to have there. I have to say having Jimmy come to a rod run here is so cool as we all wonder what the american rodders would think of the shows we hold over here in England and i'm glad we didnt disapoint! To me is the biggest thing of the weekend of all I think.

Well Here you go here are my pictures that i took, I hope you enjoy them. I would just like to say, Well done to everyone involed in this show and boy it was a fantastic one!!!!

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